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Grey is a perfect neutral colour, which is why designers often use it as a background colour complimenting most other colours. Grey is a classic dignified colour which can be worn stylishly for nearly any event. Although a conservative colour it still carries authority.
Grey suits are always a popular choice for weddings as they compliment the soft colours chosen for bridesmaids and the bridal party.
Grey suits are a very acceptable choice when attending conferences or promotions. Any guest speaker would be considered suitably attired in a smart light grey or dark grey suit.
For a school formal a grey suit is a classy and safe option to match any pastel coloured gown. Celebrate the end of your school education in style!
Grey suits are perfect stage wear and dance wear for entertainers and promoters.
Grey suits look great to wear to formal and semi formal birthday parties, especially 21st birthday parties and other significant birthday gatherings.
A grey or coloured suit is great to wear on race day.
Wear a grey suit to a theme party.

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